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Are you running out of time to stay fit? Or looking for a way to increase your ability to exercise? 

Introducing an exciting new product to Australia, the BIKE DESK An Exercise Bike Workstation

The BIKE DESK is a lightweight exercise bike with a desk installed! The BIKE DESK exercise bike has been called the best solution for improving fitness for busy people on the market to date. Honestly, what else would enable you to write a report or an essay whilst burning hundreds of calories, or even 1000cal at the same time?

There is no shortcuts in life, but you can work smarter. And Bike Desk exercise bike is one of the smartest ways to work! Not only is it great for improving fitness, losing weight and feeling great, it also helps you fight the adverse health effects of sitting down for hours at a time. 


Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome ? a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. 'Sitting Disease' also seems to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. 

Not only can you burn over 600 calories an hour while you work, but it is a great way to combat these negative health effects.

We all need to become more active, and an investment in a Bike Desk exercise bike is an investment in your health and longevity - there is no price you can put on your good health. 


Product Highlights:

Adjustable: Modify desk platform and seat height and length

Comfort: Quality, comfortable seat with vertical adjustment and removable back rest

Strong: Heavy-duty steel frame construction

Track: Calorie counter & distance tracker

Count: Integrated heart rate monitoring system

Durable: Built to Last with high quality components for years of reliable operation

Quiet: High velocity flywheel

Removable: Want to use it as a regular exercise bike? Take off the desk component and get into it

Quality: One year warranty

Shipping: FREE Courier Delivery Australia Wide

It has eight resistance levels and progress readouts for speed, RPM, time, distance, calories and pulse, so you can keep track of how you are really doing. 



Our products are shipped via courier from Sydney. Please give a physical address where someone can sign for delivery. PO Boxes are unsuitable. 

Product Warranty

All Bike Desk exercise bikes come with a limited, one-year product warranty from the date of purchase.

Please be aware anywarranty claims will require shipping to our warehouse in Sydney. 


Benefits over other products:

Unlike a standing desk, or an adjustable desk, the Bike Desk exercise bike enables you to burn calories while you work

Compared to a treadmill with a desk or a treadmill with a workstation, the Bike Desk exercise Bike enables a much higher calorie burn per hour whilst still remaining productive and being able to focus on your work. 


Product Weight 25kgs

Dimensions 100cm x 46cm x 122cm

Seat Range 76cm - 96cm

Max user weight 120kgs

User Height Range 4'10" - 6'2" 

Batteries included